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Connie, Thank you for supporting Rich and I through the most important time in our lives. Honestly, I think about Stella's birth almost every day and I still get excited when I think about how wonderful it felt to have her at home. You're guidance and support
throughout the whole process was so
deep and incredibly personal.

Jessica Mikolitch 

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Since becoming a midwife, I’ve had the honor of attending over 1200 births, as well as the privilege of having over 25 apprentices, many who are now licensed midwives. In addition to being a licensed midwife and the mother of four grown children, I am also an author, a public speaker, a birth center consultant, and a political activist.

I was originally introduced to midwifery and home birth after my first child was born in the hospital in 1985. That’s when I began attending other women’s births to provide the comfort and support I felt was missing in my hospital experience. Three years later, after the beautiful empowering home birth of my second child, I started my midwifery apprenticeship and began catching babies by 1993.

Because I intended to open a free standing birth center in Los Angeles, I did a six month internship at a high volume birth center in El Paso, Texas. After returning, I completed the California challenge process and became a Licensed Midwife in February of 2000. In December of that same year I opened my first birth center in Hollywood. During the five years I was clinical director of this thriving practice I started specializing in water birth, I began producing educational videos, and speaking to international audiences about my vision for worldwide gentle birth.

In 2006 I opened my second birth center, located in West Los Angeles. In fall 2009, I sold my center and relocated to the Wine Country area of California. In 2010 I began training large groups of midwives in China and in 2011 I was elected president of the California Association of Midwives. In my position as president I was instrumental in legislation that removed physician supervision for California’s licensed midwives, making us autonomous primary care providers and opening the door to bring us fully into the Medi-Cal system so that we may serve families of all income levels in California. In June 2014 I opened a third birth center in Santa Rosa. Currently I am living in Mendocino County and enjoying having a small practice while providing care for families in their homes.

Since 1986 when I fist began caring for women and their families, I’ve had the opportunity to experience every type of family from high profile to low income, from teenage to middle aged. I’ve seen first time moms give birth in 45 minutes and I’ve sat with laboring women for 5 days before their babies were born. The only constant has been my love for families and my passion for providing women with quality maternity care while empowering them to give birth in a way that honors the profound life altering experience it is. To me, practicing midwifery isn’t just about catching babies, it about nurturing the growth of families and empowering them to truly thrive.  

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Constance Rock, LM, CPM
What I believe is unique about the care I provide is my profound trust in the instinctive nature of birth, my ability to be completely present with the families I care for, my gentle style and my stand that women are powerful, and the absolute authority on their own bodies.

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